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heureka ModGen: Getting Started Part IV - Special Use Cases

If you have already been in touch with heureka ModGen, you will probably know the basics quite well, so the default cases (like for example which way a hub is being generated out of your staging model) shouldn’t be a problem for you to understand and implement.
But what about situations that force us to differ from such default cases? Today's blog entry will address a special use case for you to better understand the way heureka ModGen is working with it.

Let’s assume for example you have a resolution table (meaning a table for dissolving n:m relations).

Typical Case of a resolution table

Translating this into data vault, BankAccountOwner would be a link that links the two hubs Customer and BankAccount to one another. A special case here would be, if the link that is being created out of BankAccountOwner would have a sat for itself.

heureka ModGen recognizes such constructs in the following way: When preparing the source model for ModGen, each column is being provided with a data vault type (as I have already illustrated a few times). In most cases. The identification of these data vault types is not that difficult: primary keys are often being identified as BusinessKeys (BKEY), foreign keys as ForeignKeys (FKEY), and the rest will either be a descriptive field (CONT) or an object, that simlply will be ignored in the generation process (like for example meta columns).

In the above mentioned case we have two foreign keys (that together result in the primary key) and a column „Insert Date“, that contains descriptive information.
The identified column would therefore look like this:

Column values in the erwin DM Bulk Editor

As you can see, the table does not contain a BKEY and would therefore not create any hub. For this reason this is one of those cases where ModGen would create a link with a sat and the result would then look like this:

Link with attached sat

Anyways, this is just one special case out of many that heureka ModGen is capable of indentifying and generating correctly. Other cases will probably be discussed in other posts, so keep up reading!

If you are currently trying to generate a case heureka ModGen is not capable of, feel free to contact us. We will take it into account and will perhaps include them in future releases.

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