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heureka ModGen: Getting Started Part II - Advanced Options

heureka ModGen provides some options for controlling the generation of your data vault models.
Most of those options are available and summarized in the „Advanced Options” in Modgen. For today’s blog entry we would like to present you those options in a more detailed way.

Advanced Options - ModGen

„Add Data Vault object type to table name as prefix“

This is a function that will help you controlling the naming of the data vault objects in your target model. Eevery table object is being added with a prefix of its type. For example hub tables will always have the prefix „Hub_“. This function serves the purpose of differentiating types of tables just by their names.

„Copy business key to link table“

During the development of heureka ModGen we have often been asked, whether a certain „Data Vault 2.0“ features will be supported. Good question – but hard to answer to in an appropriate way - for we have learned that the definition of Data Vault 2.0 by Dan Linstedt comes with individual creations of every description. Nevertheless we have included some of those ideas/recommendations and provided them in the Advanced Options. This way, the user has the choice to either use those options or to ignore them.

„Copy business key to link table“ is one of those options. As you can see on the graphic below, this option copies Business Keys to the associated link table. This can - amongst other things - be used for optimizing the performance of your oracle databases.

Link with copied Business Keys

Furthermore, ModGen is capable of applying domains to your target model. The same applies to themes, that can be utilized for columns (not tables!). ModGen transfers those domains and themes to the target model and employs them on those objects that have been generated out of the source columns. Unfortunately I must tell you at this point, that only new themes and domains can be created. Themes and domains that already exist in the target model must be updated manually, if necessary.

„Create missing themes and match existing ones for tables based on template model“
If it is required to apply a colour scheme to your data vault objects, you can use the option „create missing themes and match existing ones for tables based on template model“. This option allows you to lodge a scheme in your template model for each data vault object type. These schemes will then be rolled out to every table in your target model.

„Domain for surrogate key“
The field „Domain for surrogate key“ is one of the few mandatory fields, that are required for the successfull generation in most cases. ModGen creates a surrogate key for every hub and link table. This key requires a template for determining several things, for example a data type. For this purpose, there is a domain being consulted out of the source model, that can be determined throughout this option.

"Data Sources"

This last option, first implemented in ModGen 1.8, comes with the possibility to determine a data source in your target model. While the generation proceeds, this data source is being filled up with references to the source model. This way you can always understand and reconstruct, which source your target column has been generated out of.
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